Flat Glass
Flat Glass

Your favourite photos, images or artwork printed directly on the glass. Image applied to surface through digital printing process. High resolution and crisp images that change with different lighting. View image on either side. Post is supplied so glass stands upright on flat surface. No additional framing required.

Care instructions: simply clean with mild soap and water.

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How does it work?
Size: 6 x 8
Weight: 1 pound
Price $39.00
Size: 8 x 10
Weight: 1.5  pounds
Price $49.00

Step 1
Select a product to
Choose either Curved Glass
or Flat Glass frame
Step 2
Place your favourite
images on our product
Upload your photo, image
or artwork from your computer
and use our editing tools
to adjust your photo.
Step 3
Preview and Pay

Preview your masterpiece.
Feel free to select another photo
or another product to customize.